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Typically, if I love a worship record, I play it constantly, analyze every song, make plans to use songs in corporate worship and generally bug every other worship leader I know in the hope that they’ll love it as much as I do.

If I don’t like the record, I’ll get disgusted with worship music in general, complain to my wife and sit around playing all minor chords on my guitar.

It’s rare that a record comes back around for me. Truthfully, there’s so much music available these days that I’ve often moved on to some new project before a particularly challenging record can take hold.

I don’t know what led me back to WorshipCentral’s Let It Be Known album, but now I can’t stop listening to it.

I didn’t hate it before, it just seemed so produced and poppy and unattainable for church worship bands (it may still be, by the way.) But the melodies just cannot be denied. I’m in a real “melody phase” as a songwriter right now – trying to learn what makes a good, memorable melody and the WorshipCentral writers are blowing my mind!

In fact, the melodies on this record are so good, I even enjoy the songs I don’t agree with! Ha! That’s good writing, gang…

I’m not sure any of us can really figure out why one melody is better than another, but I can say that the songs of Let It Be Known sound like cries – loud, unfettered, emotional longings given voice. And I dig that.

MI0003503441Anybody else heard this record?
Anybody like it as much as me?


  1. lizreeves

    I don’t know what all they sing, but I have heard “Let it Be Known” & I do love it! I’d love to see Tim jam the organ/keyboard part of that at Bethel. 🙂

  2. Bob whitton

    I have heard and I do like the album. We actually have played the song “let it be known” minus the keyboard and had the lead guitar play the part. My congregation loves the song. I am with you on the song writing and melodies.

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