hired-gun-movie-poster-2009-1020683066We’ve all been to conferences or big churches where we’ve marveled the proficiency of the musicians and tech staff. A lot of us come home, thinking, “if I could just hire some good players, our church would finally be awesome.”

Maybe that’s true.

But I doubt it.

Today, let me encourage you to be thankful and creative with the people God’s given you. In short, use who you got. There’s definitely a time and place for hired guns and special guests, but more often than not, using your own people is the best move. Here’s why:

It’s good for you to practice with a drummer or create a different approach for a sound guy. It’s good for you to stay late with vocalists and make sure a key change is working. Working hard at your job makes you better at it. I don’t know of any worship leaders who got better at their job by working less.

As long as you’re not a jerk, all that adaptation and creativity and hard work will strengthen your relationship with your team. You get to know them as more than just players or technicians. Working alongside your team builds unity and makes for some awesome celebrating when you all get a win!

We all know this, but let me remind you: some worship CDs aren’t good. And some parts just don’t work in your team. Using your own people shows you what’s really necessary to make a song work. (Hint: it’s usually way less than we think!)


If you find yourself secretly wishing for a big worship budget or grouchy because your team can’t do something, stop. There’s even better stuff available if you’ll get off the couch and work a little.



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