you1For the past few months, I’ve been upset about something at my church.

Now, I love my church, but this was important. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I was starting to get frustrated.

What was it?

Not enough people getting saved.

Maybe that’s too “Baptist” of a term, but that’s the plain truth. I was seeing lots of Christians growing in maturity, but it didn’t seem like we had people giving their lives to Jesus. That didn’t sit well with me. Shouldn’t our church be calling people to follow Christ?

I had all kinds of ideas as to what the problem was: the preaching needed to be more evangelistic, our life groups weren’t reaching out, our missions program needed to focus on more local opportunities. I had it figured out. People with a platform should be communicating the Gospel and calling the lost.

And then God reminded me: I have a platform.

I was so quick to point out all the people who needed to step up and do a better job that I forgot that one of our largest group times every single week was led by me.

How do we forget stuff like that? How do ministers get to the point of blame instead of responsibility? I confessed (and thanked God for His conviction) and started looking at my worship leading. I realized that while our worship typically does a good job of explaining the Gospel and celebrating God’s mercy toward sinners. But there was something missing.

I do a bad job of calling people to the Gospel. I can easily describe it and rejoice in it, but Sunday after Sunday, I don’t call the lost to it. So I made a resolution. Each week, within our set, I want to find ways to speak to those who don’t know Jesus who might be in our congregation.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is working all the time and I want to be faithful to make room for folks to respond to what God is doing in their lives. During some services, it’s easy. Other times, it’s tricky, and I’m sure I won’t always nail it. But I want our worship service to be about the whole Gospel. Not just part of it.


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