CB064070Second week to use the percussion kit. Made a few changes by adding a hi-hat shekere and foot tambourine.

I originally thought the shekere would be a good substitute for shaker when my guys couldn’t grab one, but it ended up being a nice addition for 2nd verses and breakdowns. Almost like a closed hi-hat or brush snare. Once we figured that out, it fit nicely in the set.

We have a more substantial foot tambourine, but it’s hard for my guys to be consistent. This simpler foot strap version worked a lot better.

Opened by reading Hebrews 12:1-2 while keys and guitar played. We moved from a traditional keyboard to a MIDI keys/iPad setup this week. Since we’re using such simple pads, there’s no need for a massive 88-key pad machine up there.

I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge fan of this song, but a few months ago a guest worship leader used it and discovered that our people LOVED to sing it. I’ve been using it since then and it worked great – even in a percussion set! Another unique aspect was that this is the first time we had used electric guitar with the percussion set. It actually worked pretty well. The only change was that our electric player pulled the overdrive tones ways back and played much more clean. He kept his same riffs, but let piano and vocals carry most of the energy of the tune.

Briefly welcomed folks and reminded them that God’s being praised constantly by the angels in Heaven. Encouraged the crowd that we were joining our voices with the song of Heaven in giving God praise.

This is another favorite of Bethel’s and it went well, which was surprising, since it didn’t seem that strong in rehearsal. It’s a faster, driving tune and it initially felt a little draggy without a big drum kit happening. However, once we sang with a room full of people, that thing happened where the percussion aspect was actually making more room for congregational singing. It was great. First service probably was a bit more into this one than second.

I had people sit down before the next song because I wanted to do two things: first, recognize over 100 Bethelites for the involvement in two big community events on Saturday and second, talk about that God saves us and gives us purpose. We’re working hard this year to mobilize our people into service and sacrifice and the next song was a good focus on that.

For the life of my, I cannot figure out why this song hasn’t become a gigantic mega-hit among churches. Every time, every where I lead it, people can’t stop talking about it. It was co-written by a friend of mine and I think it’s one of the most honest, singable worship songs ever written. Our electric player used his Timeline pedal to give some big wash behind the song and the percussionist did the whole first half of the song with only two shakers. It was neat.

I’ve been on the fence about this song, which may seem strange because it’s one I co-wrote! It hasn’t caught on at Bethel like I thought it would, but I think it’s a worthwhile song for us to sing. We did Communion during the song, which fit thematically, but didn’t work very well together. There’s a double chorus with a tag to end the song and that just sat weird with the unknown aspect of communion and knowing when the ushers will bring the elements back to the front of the room. Folks sang out on the song and I do think there’s hope for it!


What about you?
What did y’all do in your service?



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