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It’s time for you all to read a list of things I like.

Bloggers gonna’ blog, right?

One of the best part about hanging out with worship leaders is hearing what they’re digging, what’s working in their churches. In fact, I wish worship leaders, as a whole, were better at sharing their own resources. Seems like we’re in a sub-culture now that simply copy/pastes somebody else’s stuff from one page to another.

It’s sad, because I think worship leaders are some of the smartest people on the planet. I submit one of my little lists here, but this thing works best if you share some of yours! Use the comments below to pass along stuff that’s working for you!

209c5931e5d2ca1a70d7cd0969810107Architecture – Jonathan Thulin
This week, I was asked by a co-worker if I had heard the music of Jonathan Thulin, specifically the song “Architecture.” The name was totally new to me, so I checked it out. What a song! It’s much more “poppy” than what I’m used to, but the whole song is fantastic. In fact, I think it may be one of the first Christian songs to actually sound comparable to what’s charting in the non-religious music world. That’s to say, it doesn’t sound Christian. I need to listen to the rest of the album, but I can’t past that one song! (Not my favorite album cover, though!)

okfSQOnly King Forever – Elevation
I try to listen through every new project from Elevation. I’m probably not as nuts about them as most people, but I think the new album is way strong. My recent obsession with melody is seriously impacting how I listen to records these days and I think this Elevation’s best album to date, both melodically and lyrically. I love their take on “Blessed Assurance” despite the absence of some of the voicings that give that song a uniqueness. Probably will put some of the original chords BACK into that one!

Meinl-TOPCAJ1MB-Slap-Top-CajonSlap-Top Cajon
I’ve already bragged on this instrument, but I’m consistently impressed with its variety of tones and playability. If you’re looking to use cajon but want something a bit easier to play than the hunched-over-sit-on-it version, I’d recommend this. My sources tell me the Cube Cajon is a better instrument tone-wise, but if you’re wanting percussion on a budget, this is the instrument for you.

Bluetooth Page Turner
I recently went back to using my iPad for charts while leading worship. (NOT on one of those iPad stands, though. I have standards.) Don’t know why I never tried one before, but I am loving the page turner pedal I bought. It works great and keeps me from taking my hands of the guitar to tap to the next page. I’m actually surprised more musicians don’t use tablets for charts. It seems like a way more efficient way to play live music.

What’s some stuff you’re digging?



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