Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 12.45.43 PMSome of you may know that I co-wrote a song awhile back called Hallelujah For The Cross. My friend and co-writer, Ross King, featured the song on his album This Hope Will Guide Me, and we’ve both been pleased that the song has been connecting with local churches all around the country.

Late last Summer, I was contacted by Daywind Music Publishing, a “Southern Gospel” label for many years! Imagine my surprise when they told me they were venturing into the worship world and were interested in Hallelujah For The Cross! 

So, last fall, I snuck off to Dallas and spent a couple of days recording the song with a few musician friends. It turned out great and I’m super proud of it! It’s been killing me to keep it quiet, but I can now tell you about it!

This Easter, Daywind will release my song alongside a host of other worship tunes in a compilation called Vital Worship: Songs for the Living King. It’ll be available anywhere good worship music is sold, and I’m asking my friends and ministry supporters to help me spread the word about this album. It’s got a ton of good songs on it and my fellow song contributors would love to see churches everywhere use this stuff!

How you can help…

1. Pray for it. I’ve dedicated 2014 to being more diligent in praying for my songs – that God would give me good, true, singable songs and that those songs would have a life inside churches. Would you pray that worship leaders far and wide find this album?

2. Link it. Once the album drops, I’ll have linkable info so that you can pass it to musicians and worship leaders you know. Start thinking now about who might can help share the message!

3. Buy it. Set aside $10 now so you can buy this album. Don’t just buy my song. Go buy the whole dang thing. Every purchase counts!


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