nkaI’ve been leading worship since I was fourteen-years old. Considering that I’ll be 40 in the not-too-distant future, that’s a lot of worship leading.

I love it. It’s my my joy and it’s been the context of almost every major life lesson I’ve ever learned. To be completely honest – I was born to lead worship. And I’ll never stop.

But…something is changing. It’s something I never thought would happen.

I don’t wanna’ be the only one.

Over the past year, I’ve been convicted that I’m one of the only people in my church who lead worship on Sundays. I haven’t prayed for God to send more worship leaders and I’ve neglected the few I’ve had.

I don’t want to be 55 years-old and the only person who knows how to plan a service or run a rehearsal. I’m asking God for people and skill and wisdom and the courage to get off the stage and let other people benefit from our awesome worship ministry!

It will be a long process, but I’m excited to share what little wisdom I have and to see people come to love worship leading as much as I do!


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