A speculation on failure…

Tangled-cablesNot too long ago, I had a brilliant idea.

I thought about it for a while, forked over the money for hosting and took the plunge: a worship podcast.

What could go wrong? It combined podcasting and worship leading, two things that any of my friends will tell you I am way into.

I paid for the hosting, worked hard on a show template and spent about three weeks listening to any worship podcast I could find. Some were good, but a lot weren’t. And what seemed to be common among all of them revealed – to me – a glaring need in this new frontier of podcasting/resourcing.

None of them were about the local church.

Yes, they were hosted by guys who work in local churches, but none of the stories were about that. All of the interviews were with famous singers who talked about their albums or songwriting or touring or conferences. All of the resources and advertisers seemed focused on megachurch-level production value within churches. And the hosts never shared any stories about their own places of service.

I thought I had cracked the code:  a podcast specifically focusing on leading worship in small-to-mid sized churches would be a great help to folks like me who don’t have haze machines and environmental projection.

I was wrong. Nobody listened. Nobody replied. Nobody reviewed. And most importantly, nobody shared, which – like it or not – is a huge aspect of spreading a podcasts influence.

We didn’t interview famous people on my podcast. We didn’t review every record glowingly. We didn’t assume everybody all used the same resources. We didn’t talk about what-to-buy-to-make-your-church-good. We shared stories from the trenches of ministry. No glamour, no polish, just real honest stuff from people trying to lead people.

I’m a pretty optimistic guy, but I believe there’s a crash coming to the American church. We’re going to wake up and realize that many publishers don’t have a clue what the average church needs to (or can) sing. We’re going to finally show up at a meeting to find all those whirly-swirls on the walls aren’t cool anymore. We’re going to learn that every church is unique and that we’ve done ours a disservice in trying to be like every one else.

I’m okay with a podcast failing. I’m not okay with the why.


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