Another week of leading without a guitar in my hands! I continued to be surprised how much fun it is to lead without it! We had a great set, lots of new faces and I even got some great reports about the mix!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.15.30 PMThis song still surprises me. It’s not all that original a concept and yet, it’s immediately singable and good for a congregation to declare. For this version, I had our piano player start the tune before the band came in. We were blessed with a great fill-in bass player who played some amazing runs in this song. We do it in the key of F, so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of bass grooving, but our guy was super solid in F. We also do an instrumental chorus or two before the drop bridge, which is some fun jamming for the band and allows us to project scripture on the screen. We also had a fill-in drummer who added a nice triple hit at the end of the bridge build that made it really take off toward the end of the song. Our electric guitarist found some nice stuff high on the neck that gave the song some groove without overpowering.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.15.11 PMI’ve wanted to introduce this song for a long time, but never could land on a version that sounded normal enough. (Synth-pop ain’t our thang.) Finally found Hillsong’s version and liked that it sounded like real musicians playing real instruments! As a transition, I had our singer welcome folks, talk about how worship unifies us and then pitch it to me to teach the intro “oh oh” section. I even gave her permission to make fun of it. I talked about how we normally don’t do songs with “ohs” in them but we were gonna’ try this one. Beyond all the fun of that, the song is really solid. It doesn’t work without out a good drummer, but thankfully our guy, JB, landed nicely in that dancey-groove. Next time, I’m gonna’ have our piano player do more in the choruses. There are a few riffs I’ve heard in other versions of the song, so I’ll might borrow from that.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.15.02 PMAfter that, I talked briefly about how this worshipping this great God of creation (that we had been singing about in previous song) while knowing we’re not worthy of His favor and grace moves us to gratitude. We should be amazed that such a powerful, Almighty God chooses to love us and lead us and that should make us thankful for the work of Jesus! I had piano play a bit while we read Isaiah 26:1-4, then our guitar player got us into this tune. This is the first time I’ve lead the song without playing guitar, and I really liked it, especially in the bridge. (The punches have always given me fits!) Our bass guy got a little mixed up during first service, but we got it straightened the second go around.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.15.47 PMI had our band transition right into this hymn. I really like Ben Hill’s version of the song. I sang the phrasing a bit more traditional, but we kept the arrangement pretty close. Our electric guitar player had some awesome tremolo stuff and our piano player did some very cool stuff on the last verse when it dropped.


One comment

  1. lizreeves

    I love your guitar-less weeks!
    Of course, I love your guitar….umm….full?….weeks too. (What IS the opposite of guitar-less anyway!?) But I really enjoy the weeks that you get to step out from behind the guitar. Kind of feels like you’re able to be more involved in worshiping with the rest of us.

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