uea-6corpuschristiI recently came across Erik Parker’s “Praise Bands are the New Medieval Priests” through the miracle of Facebook. I encourage you to read it. It’s well-written, brief, honest and pretty funny.

But it all rings just a little too familiar to me.

Let’s face it, it seems as if the hot-new-blog-of-late has been built on a premise of church isn’t relevant or it’s hard to connect at church. Those things are, no doubt, true in many places, but Erik Parker’s post made me notice something that nags me anytime an article like this pops up.

I get where he’s coming from. As a guy who has an appreciation and respect for the formative power of liturgy, I agree with him that lots of praise teams struggle with connecting. And yes, it’s hard for people to engage in some modern-worship contexts. But leaders and veterans of ministry are not handling it well.

All diagnosis, no prescription.

As I read the post mentioned above, I thought of some teams that I know of who struggle some of these issues. But here’s the thing…they don’t know how to fix it.

Christian – and more specifically, church – bloggers have racked up the page views taking shots at how poorly the modern church is doing. But nobody’s offering any help.

Those teams that I know who are dealing with this? They’d love it if somebody would help them do a better job. But we don’t see many blogs like that, do we? I’m tired of reading (and writing) blogs that tell us what’s wrong with how we do church.

I’m looking for people who’ll step up and help churches do it better. I’m looking for ways I can step and help churches do it better.

There are some great comments in Price’s blog post, I encourage you to go check it out.



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