Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 11.43.43 AMDATE: Saturday, 4/12/14
TIME: 10:30
DURATION: 30 minute total, fifteen minute jog
WEATHER: Overcast, slight breeze

Got outside for another jog this morning. Even though treadmill running is way more easy/enjoyable, fresh air and sunshine are really good for you.

So they tell me.

This was my third time to jog this week. I tried another outdoor 15-minute run on Tuesday and caved at 11 minutes. Because I’m a wimp, apparently.

Thursday, I did a 15-minute jog on the treadmill while watching 24. (Always better to run while watching Jack Bauer scream at computer technicians.)

This run was made slightly better by listening through my blues playlist. I’m screening more songs for an upcoming gig and running is a great way to listen to songs closely.

Today wasn’t great, but I did do fifteen minutes without stopping. However, as the runs get longer, I realize how boring my neighborhood is. We live in a small subdivision, so past ten minutes or so, the scenery has lost its allure. When I bump up to 20+ minute runs, I’ll most likely start heading to other locations. I like Faulkner Park or Rose Rudman Trail, but it’s hard to get “into town” sometimes.

Thanks for reading this. In all honesty, the only reason I didn’t quit at 12 minutes is because I knew I was gonna’ have to write this post.

And don’t forget, RUNNING SUCKS.

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