The-Armstrong_Lie_1What happens when a filmmaker realizes his film is predicated on a lie?

That’s the premise for the fascinating documentary about one of the strangest, unsettling stories in recent sports history.

In 2009, Alex Gibney, started shooting a film about Lance Armstrong’s comeback after being retired for four years. After Armstrong came clean about doping, Gibney’s film took on a whole new tone. Instead of celebrating an athlete’s will and integrity, the documentary focuses on the long, meticulous conspiracies maintained to keep the cyclist’s cheating hidden from the world.

Naturally, the film provides an in-depth look at professional cycling, but the film is centered around Lance Armstrong’s obsession for winning at all costs. Not many of us can identify with propping up a global brand and celebrity image, but we can learn something about the danger of cutting corners to succeed.

Armstrong did work harder than everybody else. And he also cheated. The documentary is a long look at those two realities crashing into each other over and over and over again.


Anybody else seen this?


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