songwritingI’ve moved most of my ministry-related blogging over to bethelsongs.com, but since this blog is back to a what’s-happening-in-my-life motif, I figure I can blur the lines a little bit.

As many of you know, 2013 was my a great year for songwriting. A co-write of mine was released and still seems to be growing in its impact on worship in local churches.

This year, my version of that same co-write was released on another project. Not only does this count as a second “cut”, but I had the privilege of singing it on the record. In addition, it’s looking like that same song will be released as a choral piece before the year is done.

I’ve also met some cool people doing cold co-writes – writing with folks I’ve never met before! Those sessions haven’t yielded any hits, yet, but I’ve already learned a ton from the people who sat down and worked with me for all those hours.

Personally, I made two songwriting commitments for 2014. The first is a commitment to finish more songs. I’m notorious for giving up on songs too early. Personal standards are good, but mine have crippled me a little bit. I had gotten to a point where I didn’t want to finish a song unless it was the best thing I had ever written. (This is a dumb way to think about songwriting, by the way.)

The second commitment was to get one cut a year. By this, I mean, have at least one song a year get “used” in some published form. The music business is a weird, fickle thing and it’s in an odd state right now. But that’s irrelevant to me. I think we have too many songs that say nothing and I’m ready to step up to the mic. And you can call me a greedy capitalist if you want, but I’m determined to provide for my family, bless my community and pour money into my local church.

This new songwriting commitment is teaching me some good, hard lessons about the discipline of songwriting. But I’m grateful for it and I’m determined to use this gift God’s given me to bring Him glory.

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