• Still fighting either bronchitis or allergies. The singing just isn’t happening for me lately.
  • Related – haven’t jogged in over a week because of the sickness. Got on the treadmill today and put in some time without coughing. Success!
  • Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. This is a good thing. We might even take one of our friends along for his very first comic purchase!
  • I’m very close to finishing a new tune but can’t land the bridge very frustrating.
  • Tried to demo another song yesterday and was reminded ONCE AGAIN that I’m really bad at making demos.
  • Got my first “gig” with fiverr this week. Kinda’ fun. Wonder if anybody’s able to turn that into something more than a fun hobby.
  • I’m getting close to finishing up the e-book. Wife is proofing it now. Hopefully can get it converted and uploaded soon!

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