nash1_icon3Just wrapped my first ever Nashville-writing trip. It’s been good. And I’ve learned a lot.

-Writing songs is way more exhausting than I expected.

-Nashville has some strong restaurants. Although, my Nashville pals kept steering me away from Mexican food because I was “from Texas.”

-It’s encouraging to know that in a world where it seems worship songs are often just collages of spiritual phrases, there are still people in the heart of the music business who care about the importance of clarity in addition to poetry.

-Made some friends; folks I can learn from and rely on.

-Sat in two very strong writing sessions with some pro-level writers. I tried to contribute, but mostly just sat and learned. (And realized how much work I have to do!)

-I came away even more convinced that I need to focus on hymn writing. It may seem there’s a resurgence of hymns, but churches across the country are still really grieving the absence of strong doctrinal, singable songs.


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