tools in bike workshopThings have been pretty busy and I haven’t had much time to post. I am, however, super excited by all the stuff we got going here at Todd, Inc.


I’m taking another stab at the fitness thing. Stopped eating sweets and getting some exercise in. Feel good, lost a few pounds. My newest thing, though, is push-ups. I’ve always been terrible at push-ups, so I set a personal goal for end-of-the-year. I’d tell you my push-up goal, but you’d all laugh.

We put our house on the market. It’s not that we’re dying to move, we just figured we take a chance and see what happens. So far, nothing.

I’ve secretly started a new recording project, albeit small. I wrote a song a few months back that has gone great at church. I’m super proud of the song and the way our band has made it come alive. We started tracking back in May and hope to release it as a free single this summer.

I’m also about halfway done with my first e-book. It’s called The Sunday Team and it’s written specifically for worship leaders and pastors. My hope is that it will help worship leaders and pastors build great, long-lasting friendships!



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