Kimberly– Power Rangers was a little after my time, but thought this collection of GIFs were pretty great.

– Related: My son refuses to say GIF with the hard “G” sound because the creator of them apparently used the soft G sound. This is what happens when your firstborn son is both legalistic and an internet nerd.

– I dare you to not be mesmerized by this guy making cotton candy.

– Scan this church staff page and tell me if anything seems odd. (Hint: elders.)

– I have no idea what to call the instrument Sam Bush is playing in this video, but I’m into it. It’s like all the hardest instruments rolled into one.

– Does anybody seem happier than this guy who makes slingshots for fun?

– I had the privilege of meeting Michael Boggs a couple months ago. He was super-nice and a great worship leader. I had heard about this song of his, but only actually listened to it this week. It’s great.


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