TUESDAY: 7/15/14

Jonah had an “assessment” for his new school, so he and Krist got up early to make it to UT Tyler by 8 or so. Being the exact opposite of an early riser, I might have protested just a little when Kristen shook me awake. Normally, she might have let me sleep, but we had two repair people coming to the house in the morning. (A/C and Internet.)

The A/C guy showed up around 9, but since it’s rained the last couple of days, he couldn’t really feel the level of heat we’ve been feeling in the afternoons. He grabbed his temp gun to check the vents and found it to be within range. (Those temperature guns are cool, gang.) He said he’d come back in the afternoon when it was warmer, so I told him that Kristen would be home.

Kristen and Jonah got back around 10am and I headed out to get my haircut. Stopped by the bank to get out our cash for this pay period (debt snowball, etc.) and got to the hair place too early. I didn’t mind it. Sat in the car and made more progress in an audio book. The family got me Audible for Father’s Day. Love it.

Did the haircut, admired myself in the mirror, paid the nice lady and headed to the car. Only to find a text from my wife saying, “Bring me some cake.”

Fortunately, I was near Brookshire’s so I dashed in and grabbed her a cupcake. The cheapest cake was $14. Wasn’t about to do that! Brought the goodies home and talked with Kristen a bit. Internet guy called, misunderstood me over the phone and hung up. Then cancelled our service call.

I went to the church and spent most of the day in my cubicle. I’m not really a “cubicle guy.” (Shocker.) It’s too quiet! After working for a while, I headed over to the sanctuary and did some work on the set for the prison ministry trip in August. Wasn’t hard, mostly just reloading old charts into Dropbox.

Got home before the family, but headed to the Dollar Store to stock up on cookies for Jonah’s sleepover. Had to force Jonah and his friend to do something other than video games. Once the sun started setting, they settled into the game room and gamed their brains out.

Finley and Krist went to bed and I went for a jog. I’m doing the walk 1/run 1 still, trying to do 2 miles as often as I can. I did a little extra walking, but wasn’t pleased with my pace. (I had been doing pushes the last 10 seconds of each running section, but that tires me out way too fast.) I’ll get there.

Finally yelled at the boys enough to get them into bed and got into my own bed around 12:30am.


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