THURSDAY: 7/17/14

Another wake-up-early day. What gives? I’m like a grown-man or something.

2014-07-17 09.04.46-3Met my pal, Toby, up at the church for one of our remaining recording sessions. The past couple of months, I’ve been recording a new worship tune called Changed Everything to be released over at I’m really excited to share the song and hope it’s an encouragement to local churches.

We tracked acoustic rhythm and lead vocals, then attempted to do a tambourine track. Turns out the tambourine at the church is terrible for that sort of thing. (Weird shape or some such.)

After tracking, we grabbed an early lunch at Smashburger. Relatively pleasant experience (Oreo shake) if you don’t count the shift manager so severely inconvenienced when I mentioned it looked like someone had thrown up in their bathroom and then ran out of the building. Customer service ain’t what it used to be, kids…

After lunch, headed back to the church to setup for the Whitehouse campus worship rehearsal. Some of the musicians headed to our new campus have been practicing on Thursdays. I sat up a bunch of monitors and keyboards and waited for one of the team to walk over to the sanctuary so I could give her a quick tutorial on how-to-run-the-sound board.

I’ve been at the previous practices, but had a dinner with friends and wanted to make sure the team could survive rehearsal without me. Kristen and Finley picked me up from the church and we ran a few errands. For dinner, we met our friends, Charles and Angie Long, for supper at Julian’s. I had never been before. It was a fun night – nice to have a rehearsal night free once in a while!

After supper, I drove the family back home, then headed up to the church to power everything down and lock the church up. Texted a couple of the Whitehouse campus team to see how practice went and got a great report. We lounged around a bit that evening, finally getting everyone in bed around 10 or so. I did some work, edited a vlog and worked on some scheduling stuff for church.

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