katy_hudson___trust_in_me_by_plgoldens-d5mv9t0– Unnecessary explosions added to memes. YES FOREVER TO THIS.

– Came across this teaser video for a new Tommy Walker album. This sent me on a three-day Tommy Walker nostalgia run. Was delighted to find his take on this hymn. Pretty powerful live performance.

– The fact that Katy Perry was Katy Hudson, a teenage CCM artist, is fairly well known. However, some footage surfaced last week of one of her early tours. (Very interesting footage, but I was more intrigued with how good the cajon player was.)

Here’s what people in your state buy online more than any other state.

This is nuts.

– Police with a sense of humor. (And some self-awareness.)

– A guy with hardly any guitar skill and webcam skewers Mumford and Son. (Or at least their production approach.)



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