glass-of-wine– More brilliance from 22 Words: 14 food issues that divide us all.

– I don’t drink, but this article on alcohol and being Biblical is really good. I get frustrated with my Baptist pals who seem to want to die on this hill. I especially liked this line: “If Christians want to forbid all alcohol consumption to avoid drunkenness, then to be consistent, they should also avoid making a lot of money to guard against the crushing sin of materialism and the misuse of wealth.”

– I don’t know Portuguese, but I’m hoping one of these people is going GIANT SNAKE GET AWAY WHY AM IN THIS TINY BOAT?

– Loved this book. Now it’s a show.

– Finally, some football I enjoyed watching.

– Betting this dad LOVED doing this to his sons.

– Have no idea what’s happening with the hats.

– Pretty good perspective on why CCM is kinda’ bad.


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