904c7907-c4a9-4357-8360-73916669e943– I try to live a balanced life and typically avoid big sweeping, incredulous statements. However, after watching this video, I had one thought. People need Jesus.

– Oh, you know, just sitting in the kitchen singing like angels

– I have numerous songwriter thoughts about the recent Sam Smith/Tom Petty thing.

– Not a car guy, but I’d ride in a Tesla to experience this. Some language. Mostly bleeped, though.

– My new favorite Happy Birthday arrangement. Wait for the drummer stuff at the end. #pro.

– It’s easy to see this post as an exercise in snark, but it’s not. The big point here is how many Christian best-sellers have nothing to do with Christ.

*Another contextless picture at top of post. Saw it on Diply and thought it was too good not to include. Not linking Diply since most of this clickbait sites rip off art from cartoonists. If anybody has a good link for the artist on this, lemme know.


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