everything-is-true-34-photos-10Artist removes all the textures from Grand Theft Auto V. And it’s pretty awesome.

– Favorite tweet this week from @markleggett – “Some people say ‘failure is not an option.’ They’re wrong; it’s totally an option. I often fail several times a day without even trying.”

Ten most popular songs in the history of Pandora. (There were a couple of these songs I didn’t even know!)

I’m here to educate you people. Even if it hurts you.

Interesting article on the decline of LAN gaming. Post is pretty technical. Feel like the real story there is one of the only real social interactions in gaming is now going the way of the dinosaur.

Orange and blue. MIND. BLOWN. (Slight language…)

– I got choked laughing at this. Do you hear me? This video nearly KILLED ME!


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