Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.31.20 PMCollider has an interview with Ezra Miller, DC’s official pick for the film version of The Flash (rumored 2018.)

This reminds me how frustrating it is to be a DC guy. Streamlining to the New 52 cleared the excess and made comics accessible to new readers, then Arrow and The Flash end up being two of the most consistent, engaging broadcast hero stories to date.

That’s why letting Zack Snyder film a movie with a Flash that’s not Grant Gustin is so frustrating. I know Man Of Steel made a gazillion dollars, but I would have guessed DC’s film division would have been a bit more reactionary based on the critical dismay over the Superman reboot. I honestly thought it would drive them to put the actual comic guys (or tv guys even) into the driver’s seat for a bit.

But hey…I also thought putting Heath Ledger in Batman was a bad idea. So what do I know?



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