hallowed-be-thy-namebrand-the-religious-consumerism-of-megachurch-pastor-joel-osteen-body-image-1422644175– I can only imagine how conservatives will lambast Good Kill for being un-American, but I think there’s a bigger issue play. I am specifically intrigued with the notion of the military recruiting and using gamers. (Which is becoming more and more common, it seems.)

– I also loved this trailer for Little Boy. These fantastical fairy-tales-in-real-life movies are always hit and miss in my opinion, but the concept looks pretty great. (However, when I told my wife about it, she said, “He probably dies in the end.”)

– One more movie post. I’m excited (like many people) to see Kingsman: The Secret Service. But I’ll offer this little warning. If they stick the storyline from the comic book, that movie’s gonna’ get WEIRD.

– Continually impressed with the company Spider. For the money, they are some of the best ear-buds I’ve heard. We’ve used the headphones at church and now two of the Wright family are Spider converts. Really good stuff.

Simon Cowell got hypnotized by a dog. That’s it.

VICE analyzes Osteen.¬†There are two major theories presented in this article – (1) Joel Osteen is a salesman and (2) Christians are dumb. I don’t think Christians are dumb, but the analysis of Osteen as a frontman is compelling.


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