6a00d83454bd8569e2014e5f65e60b970c-800wiDavid Oyelowo gets honest about “black narratives” in film. He does it politely, but he doesn’t back down. Love this interview. I think he’s 100% right.

– I’m sure Huey Lewis was probably freaking out internally when he couldn’t hit his note during We Are The World. Surrounded by the best singers in the world and he can’t nail it. But it never shows. He doesn’t look sad. He doesn’t look stressed. PRO.

– This sort of thing goes away in the tablet age, it would appear.

– Selfishness (or selfies) kill.

– That loud SQUEEEEEEEE you hear was me. Because of this. Oh, and also this. It’s a good time to love superheroes. Still not gonna’ watch Gotham, though.

– Well, great. Now I wanna’ do these terrible things to my FB friends.

The atheist who makes over $100k selling Bible apps.

– Sorry for all the hero posting, but this is a thoughtful take on a Batman series coming to TV.


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