hqdefaultPatton Oswalt was on Talks At Google to discuss his book, “Silver Screen Fiend”, but ended up hitting all kinds of great stuff. Specifically, his Star Wars/Brad Byrd story about 15 minutes in. Naturally, lots of salty language, so be careful.

– Did you know there’s a “Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind” conspiracy theory? There is.

– Now, they tell us. 10 Classic Video Game Cheats.


– I realize I’ve already posted two video game items, but this is A GUY BEATING PUNCH OUT BLIND FOLDED. What else was I supposed to do?

– I don’t like professional wrestling, but I do like Arrow. And apparently he’s very upset with WWE.

– Been hearing about “machete order” for a long time. Here’s where it originated. Want to do this!

Did Extreme’s More Than Words inspire MTVUnplugged? Seems like it. Great interview about the acoustic hit. (Print version, some language.)

– Kept seeing jokes about Jack White and guacamole. This is what happened. Way to go, Oklahoma.

– As a guy who’s been inside prisons over the past few years, I can tell you that not having access to technology is a real obstacle for the guys who wanna’ get out and get their lives together.



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