Good couple of weeks for songwriting! Making a little bit of progress on my goal of 35 songs this year, but I’m gonna’ need to up my game a bit on the solo songs. (Hitting 35 co-writes in a year is tough. My solo writes have to be my most consistent output so that I can pick and choose the co-writes that are the best fits.)

This week had some new stuff, but was mostly about finishing stuff and deciding to stop tweaking on them.

Two weeks ago, I wrote with Joseph and John Paul Allen, a brother songwriting team. We made some headway on a hymn idea they had. I ended up putting a little more time in a few days later on my own, so hopefully that will push us to finish the next time we meet up.

Co-wrote a country tune with my guitar player, Skylar, this week. We knocked out a pretty good country song! It’s called “When The Weekend Rolls Around.” It was nice to start and finish a song in one session, especially considering that I’m still such a slow writer!

This isn’t necessarily about composition, but I finally decided to try out a new song at an upcoming worship thing. I wrote “King Over All” with Tyler Ellison last year and really love it. Tyler’s EP will be out in a month or two and I’m very excited for folks to hear it. Playing it live is the ultimate test, though. Hoping to try it at our Night of Worship at the end of February.

Finally done with an a new hymn I wrote. I’ve been playing it for awhile and finally decided it was finished. I like writing all types of stuff, but I can’t deny how much I love writing and singing hymns. Who woulda’ thunk it!

Seems like Ross K. and I have been working on “Ghost” forever, but I think we finally figured it out this week. Songs are never really done, but we wrote this week and finally landed on a theme and turn-at-the-end that we like.

Also a good week for melodies. I got three or four melody things that I’m really enjoying singing. For these, I’m going to resist the urge to throw lyrics on, and instead trying to get with some good lyricists and let them take the songs to the next level.

Finished up the Easter-package last week with Lee Black. Hoping to record them next week (unplugged versions) and make them available to churches in March. Never done a three-song package like that. I’m excited to see if folks dig ’em.






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