Not as much to report this time…too busy! I always underestimate the ramp-up to Easter and find myself overwhelmed in late February. The writing itself has been slow, but a few fun things are in progress.

  • Lined up studio time to track two new Bethel Songs. These are the free download worship songs I make available as a part of our worship ministry at church. I’ll be working on two songs simultaneously – a new worship songs called “Shield” and a hymn titled “Refuge, Safe From Harm.”
  • I’ll actually introduce “Shield” this week at church. I’m excited to see how it goes. (I’ve been sharing the YouTube version on Facebook this week to prep our people to sing it.)
  • “Hallelujah For The Cross” is still growing. It will most likely be used on an indie project this year, as well as a big church release. There’s rumor that it might end up on the new Newsboys movie, Do You Believe, but that’s not totally for sure.
  • Had one of those rare, sit-down-and-write-a-song-start-to-finish moments earlier today. I don’t think the song’s great, but it was a good exercise to just power through and finish it.
  • Finally got a demo finished up for a country tune called “Get Some Living In” I wrote last year. My co-writer called in a favor and we got some awesome electric guitar laid down.
  • I had to cancel my take-away video project for the three Easter songs. I’ve been plagued by sickness for a couple months and my voice is still very weak. We were up against a deadline and I couldn’t make it happen. I feel bad, but will probably do simple vids of those songs in the next week or so.
  • That last update is my dream of running a song game. I’ve got a friend who’s a part of one. It’s a group of 6-8 writers who commit to write one song a week for set period of time. The head of the group sends out a song title at the first of every week and the writers have to turn them in by the end of the week. The songs aren’t posted anywhere – just emailed among the group. I think this would be fun.

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