recordinghorn33Forgive me, but this post is long…

Everyone Is Laughing (1996)
My first ever recording experience. Of course, it’s funny to listen to now because I was so young, but you gotta’ start somewhere. I loved the experience of making that record and couldn’t wait to make more.

All The Freed (2008)
My first worship album…had my first “published” song and was the record that forged my friendship with Ross King. He produced the heck out of that record and to this day I love listening to it. I’m a better writer now, but I think those songs still ring true.

Songs For Singing (2013)
I couldn’t wait to release this record. It was, by far, the most professional recording I’ve ever done. We raised $10,000, hired some of the best musicians we could find and worked HARD on that album. My only regret is that more people didn’t hear it.

The Singles
Maker Of My Days – released this before the Songs For Singing project as a single download.

Changed Everything – made this available as a FREE download to our church body. I had wanted to “give away” music for along time, but this was the first time I did it on such a large scale.

Redeeming Love – this hymn was also released as a FREE download to the church.


I loved making records.
But I think single releases really are the future when it comes to music distribution.
But what if you combined those two?

This is my dream. I want to go into the studio and record a full album…12 songs, tracked, mixed and mastered. A complete album. That I never release.

Instead of throwing it on iTunes or printing out CDs, I’d release one song every single month, absolutely free. No subscription service, no $.99. Just hit the website every month and download the current song. It would provide a year of congregationally-friendly, Biblically-based, corporate worship songs for churches and music lovers alike. It would be expensive and time-consuming (and hard to keep from releasing the whole thing at once) but I’d love to give it a try.

For what it’s worth, you can get pay-what-you-want (read: get ’em free) over at



    • toddwright

      That’s what I’m kinda’ doing now…but would need way more time to focus in order to get 12 done. (Can’t afford one a month yet!)

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