showposterA few weeks ago, I heard a podcast off-handedly mention that all of the Beverly Hills 90210 episodes are now available on Amazon Prime. In that same conversation, the podcast mentioned a podcast dedicated solely to the watching/recapping of every episode.

Now, I can’t remember what I was doing at that time or where I was, but I can remember thinking I CAN FINALLY WATCH 90210.

Here’s the backstory: up until I was 16 or 17, my family never had cable-TV. We had three channels, and two of them hardly worked because we were using “rabbit ears” to get the broadcast signal. But my grandparents had cable.

I loved my grandparents for lots of reasons, and cable-TV was definitely one of them. I would beg to stay with them so I could watch all these wild shows I heard friends talking about. By the time 90210 became a household name, my grandparents owned a VCR and I decided to tape as many episodes as I could. What resulted was a miscellaneous collection of episodes strung out over numerous season with no narrative connection. But I watched ’em anyway.

When I heard about Amazon, I decided to do a little experiment – I would watch every episode and try to figure out why I was so intrigued by this show. I may not make it – the thing was on the air for 10 years – but I’m gonna’ see if the nostalgia is as strong as I expect.


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