FRIDAY: 7/18/14


Kristen kept trying to wake me up, but I wasn’t having it. Eventually woke up, laid in bed for a bit while Finley played on the laptop. We’re lazy, baby!

Kristen watched back through yesterday’s vlog, then Jonah finally woke up. Told him to get some exercise clothes on so we could go run. I’ve got to help him put in some conditioning work before his next cross-country practice, which he is not into.

We opted to just do a mile, since running is so new to him. He quite half-a-mile in, which was frustrating. We’re really trying to work on the whole “finish what you start” thing with him, so I was disappointed he left me out there running by myself. In such great weather, too! The rain made it a beautiful morning.

I finished up, grabbed a shower and then sat down to have a heart-to-heart with him. He doesn’t want to do the running thing, but I’m making him give it a try – at least more than one day’s try. Ate some lunch and then we jumped into house cleaning. (House showing tonight at 6:45pm. We’ll see.)

Since we had plenty of time, we didn’t rush the cleaning too much. We cleaned a little, too breaks, goofed off and such. (I’m super good at this day-off thing.) Surprisingly, Jonah went back outside to try the run again. He did it without me, and took some walk breaks, but he put in his 1.2 miles and I was very proud of him for doing it.

We left the house around 6pm and drove over to Andy’s for frozen custard. Since we were killing time, the kids wanted to go play on the computers in Best Buy. Finley just wanted to goof off, but Jonah would really like to buy his own computer. Need to find a way to encourage him to start saving. We came home, made up some quesadillas and chilled the rest of the night.

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THURSDAY: 7/17/14

Another wake-up-early day. What gives? I’m like a grown-man or something.

2014-07-17 09.04.46-3Met my pal, Toby, up at the church for one of our remaining recording sessions. The past couple of months, I’ve been recording a new worship tune called Changed Everything to be released over at I’m really excited to share the song and hope it’s an encouragement to local churches.

We tracked acoustic rhythm and lead vocals, then attempted to do a tambourine track. Turns out the tambourine at the church is terrible for that sort of thing. (Weird shape or some such.)

After tracking, we grabbed an early lunch at Smashburger. Relatively pleasant experience (Oreo shake) if you don’t count the shift manager so severely inconvenienced when I mentioned it looked like someone had thrown up in their bathroom and then ran out of the building. Customer service ain’t what it used to be, kids…

After lunch, headed back to the church to setup for the Whitehouse campus worship rehearsal. Some of the musicians headed to our new campus have been practicing on Thursdays. I sat up a bunch of monitors and keyboards and waited for one of the team to walk over to the sanctuary so I could give her a quick tutorial on how-to-run-the-sound board.

I’ve been at the previous practices, but had a dinner with friends and wanted to make sure the team could survive rehearsal without me. Kristen and Finley picked me up from the church and we ran a few errands. For dinner, we met our friends, Charles and Angie Long, for supper at Julian’s. I had never been before. It was a fun night – nice to have a rehearsal night free once in a while!

After supper, I drove the family back home, then headed up to the church to power everything down and lock the church up. Texted a couple of the Whitehouse campus team to see how practice went and got a great report. We lounged around a bit that evening, finally getting everyone in bed around 10 or so. I did some work, edited a vlog and worked on some scheduling stuff for church.

WEDNESDAY: 7/16/14

Another (slightly) early morning for me. I’m speaking here on July 26 so I met the conference founder for coffee.

(I do not drink coffee, as it is vile and pretentious. Instead, I got a hot chocolate bigger than my face. So there.)

As I left the house, Kristen reminded me that she had scheduled another set of houses to look at. Our house is on the market and not drawing much attention, but still we go look at houses just in case we’re able to ever get a new one.

The conference guy (named Boogie, by the way) and I met for a couple hours to do more planning for the conference and then I headed to meet up with the family. We all got into my car and looked at houses. Nothing mind blowing, but some nice little places that might be a good fit for us.

We decided to grab lunch at Chick-Fil-A and opted to eat inside for a change. Bad idea. Place was really crowded and I sat by a trash can, which meant I had to keep getting up to avoid getting splattered with trash as people tossed it. We left lunch and headed home. I had some stuff to do, one of them being working on getting some ideas for a Skype cowrite I had scheduled for Thursday.

We get home, I kick back to do a little work on the computer when BAM! My phone beeps. The cowrite is today.

In ten minutes.

I normally do cowrites at the church so my kids don’t have to stay away from a part of the house while I’m working. But since I knew I couldn’t get to the church in time, I headed back to our game room and jumped online. The cowrite started off good – mostly just catching up.

I finally admitted to the guy that I had the wrong day on my calendar. He laughed and said he had almost forgotten about it, as well. As we were chatting, he called out of his office and came back sheepish:

“I gotta’ call you back in a little bit.”

Turns out his new boss was wanting a tour of the office building, which meant my friend’s whole afternoon was shot. We decided to reschedule for next week.

I had just enough time to get dressed and loaded for Jonah’s cross-country tryout. We drove over to Rose Rudman trail to let Jonah meet the coach of the Tyler homeschool running team. Jonah 100% DID NOT want to do it, but it turns out he did great.

He did hate it, of course. But we’re trying to encourage him to keep at it. I felt bad because we had a Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.55.53 PMdinner with friends immediately after and made him wash up and change clothes in the Chuy’s bathroom. He must not have been feeling too bad, however, as he was able to take a selfie for his Instagram. There is a silver lining. Since I’ve been trying to jog again, I can now do some running with Jonah as he works on his conditioning. (No doubt he will lap me many many times.)

We hung out with our friends the Benedettis over chips and queso and enjoyed ourselves despite the protests of a very sore, very worn out 12-year old boy. After dinner, Kristen ran into Target and then we all headed home. Finley bathed and went to bed, Jonah showered and played some video games. I stayed up awhile doing a little more work to get ready for tomorrow.

TUESDAY: 7/15/14

Jonah had an “assessment” for his new school, so he and Krist got up early to make it to UT Tyler by 8 or so. Being the exact opposite of an early riser, I might have protested just a little when Kristen shook me awake. Normally, she might have let me sleep, but we had two repair people coming to the house in the morning. (A/C and Internet.)

The A/C guy showed up around 9, but since it’s rained the last couple of days, he couldn’t really feel the level of heat we’ve been feeling in the afternoons. He grabbed his temp gun to check the vents and found it to be within range. (Those temperature guns are cool, gang.) He said he’d come back in the afternoon when it was warmer, so I told him that Kristen would be home.

Kristen and Jonah got back around 10am and I headed out to get my haircut. Stopped by the bank to get out our cash for this pay period (debt snowball, etc.) and got to the hair place too early. I didn’t mind it. Sat in the car and made more progress in an audio book. The family got me Audible for Father’s Day. Love it.

Did the haircut, admired myself in the mirror, paid the nice lady and headed to the car. Only to find a text from my wife saying, “Bring me some cake.”

Fortunately, I was near Brookshire’s so I dashed in and grabbed her a cupcake. The cheapest cake was $14. Wasn’t about to do that! Brought the goodies home and talked with Kristen a bit. Internet guy called, misunderstood me over the phone and hung up. Then cancelled our service call.

I went to the church and spent most of the day in my cubicle. I’m not really a “cubicle guy.” (Shocker.) It’s too quiet! After working for a while, I headed over to the sanctuary and did some work on the set for the prison ministry trip in August. Wasn’t hard, mostly just reloading old charts into Dropbox.

Got home before the family, but headed to the Dollar Store to stock up on cookies for Jonah’s sleepover. Had to force Jonah and his friend to do something other than video games. Once the sun started setting, they settled into the game room and gamed their brains out.

Finley and Krist went to bed and I went for a jog. I’m doing the walk 1/run 1 still, trying to do 2 miles as often as I can. I did a little extra walking, but wasn’t pleased with my pace. (I had been doing pushes the last 10 seconds of each running section, but that tires me out way too fast.) I’ll get there.

Finally yelled at the boys enough to get them into bed and got into my own bed around 12:30am.