Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.42.21 AM- Facebook vid of the Best Video Game store in the world. Haven’t shown this to my gamer son, yet, but betting he’ll dig it. (Quick footage of a few adult themed games, but nothing improper.)

- Planet Hiltron just did a new set of “makeunders.”

- This week, U2 gave away millions of copies of their new album. Here’s a rough sketch of the deal with Apple.

- Artistic mom makes awesome stuff from her daughter’s sketches. (This sort of thing gets me everytime.)

- Dad makes awesome basketball shot, much to his daughter’s dismay. (Hand gesture warning…)

- Conservatives are gonna’ go nuts about Michael Moore’s slamming President Obama. Even though, he’s likely disappointed from a completely perspective.

- This is how I feel about the song Oceans.

- Musicless video of Dirty Dancing. Laughed way too hard at this.

- Have a friend who says that monkey-wearing-clothes is empirically, unquestionably funny. But what if that clothed monkey was also riding a motorcycle.


katy_hudson___trust_in_me_by_plgoldens-d5mv9t0- Unnecessary explosions added to memes. YES FOREVER TO THIS.

- Came across this teaser video for a new Tommy Walker album. This sent me on a three-day Tommy Walker nostalgia run. Was delighted to find his take on this hymn. Pretty powerful live performance.

- The fact that Katy Perry was Katy Hudson, a teenage CCM artist, is fairly well known. However, some footage surfaced last week of one of her early tours. (Very interesting footage, but I was more intrigued with how good the cajon player was.)

- Here’s what people in your state buy online more than any other state.

- This is nuts.

- Police with a sense of humor. (And some self-awareness.)

- A guy with hardly any guitar skill and webcam skewers Mumford and Son. (Or at least their production approach.)


cc cake 3(1)- I guess something untoward could be said about churches that “self-report,” but I found this list of Largest Churches in SBC really interesting.

- I love Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. This one with Sarah Jessica Parker was pretty great.

- Great reminder for worship leaders about training up the next generation of leaders.

- I know almost nothing about photography, but this new camera intrigued me.

- This is a fresh take on the “cardboard” videos that churches did a couple years ago. In this video, homeless people share one thing about themselves that might surprise you.

- Spray cake. Let me say this again. SPRAY CAKE.

FRIDAY: 7/18/14


Kristen kept trying to wake me up, but I wasn’t having it. Eventually woke up, laid in bed for a bit while Finley played on the laptop. We’re lazy, baby!

Kristen watched back through yesterday’s vlog, then Jonah finally woke up. Told him to get some exercise clothes on so we could go run. I’ve got to help him put in some conditioning work before his next cross-country practice, which he is not into.

We opted to just do a mile, since running is so new to him. He quite half-a-mile in, which was frustrating. We’re really trying to work on the whole “finish what you start” thing with him, so I was disappointed he left me out there running by myself. In such great weather, too! The rain made it a beautiful morning.

I finished up, grabbed a shower and then sat down to have a heart-to-heart with him. He doesn’t want to do the running thing, but I’m making him give it a try – at least more than one day’s try. Ate some lunch and then we jumped into house cleaning. (House showing tonight at 6:45pm. We’ll see.)

Since we had plenty of time, we didn’t rush the cleaning too much. We cleaned a little, too breaks, goofed off and such. (I’m super good at this day-off thing.) Surprisingly, Jonah went back outside to try the run again. He did it without me, and took some walk breaks, but he put in his 1.2 miles and I was very proud of him for doing it.

We left the house around 6pm and drove over to Andy’s for frozen custard. Since we were killing time, the kids wanted to go play on the computers in Best Buy. Finley just wanted to goof off, but Jonah would really like to buy his own computer. Need to find a way to encourage him to start saving. We came home, made up some quesadillas and chilled the rest of the night.

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